It’s Monday and I feel like Death

You know when the weekend is packed and you’re tired and finally it’s Monday and it’s time to head back to some form of sanity but first, you need that 6.5 hours of straight sleep and you say it OUT LOUD. We’ll never learn, you don’t say the things you want OUT LOUD! First Rylen has too much to drink, she drank most of my soy and then came home and drank 180ml of her milk, she had also finished her dinner (glass noodles, spinach and those fish balls with the minced meat inside plus a big slice of rock melon) earlier. She couldn’t sleep and started to cry, which made her cough and then she vomited and complain she had too much milk. By the time I had my dinner it was 10pm!! Can’t sleep right away right so we tried to watch some arty show and just when I was kinda getting it, R’s bored. I understand, I mean when you hardly get to watch movies the last thing you wanna care about is cinematography. 

Midnight, we’re finally ready for bed and we say… we need straight sleep to function… 4.45am, Ry wakes up, she’s peed on her bed. It was bound to happen at some point and it’s my fault, she had wayyy too much to drink an hour before her bedtime, just wish it wasn’t a Monday!! Cleaned her up and she tries to get back to sleep between us, on me, on my right, on my left… finally we give up. It’s 6.10am, we let her watch TV outside, the maid is awake. I’m thinking 30 mins is a powder nap right? Then I hear Axl screaming, he’s gotten fat and a maid has clipped his harness on his skin by accident… he screams and screams, I get him out of it and he’s all upset and needs a cuddle. Jordan starts crying, she’s awake and I know… my Monday has started at 4.45am.


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