Jordan said Amen and I missed it. I haven’t been home much, I’m trying to play catch up because I took a week off and I’m officially overwhelmed 😦 and I miss my babies. I cannot wait for next Friday to be over!

Anyways, another quickie. Jordan hasn’t been talking much, she might drop a perfect word, not baby talk, here and there but will refuse to repeat it and she’s look at  you like… who me? what? I didn’t say anything. Argh. Very different from Rylen who was talking and singing the ending words of Twinkle Lil Stars. I guess the fact is that, Ry understands Jordan when Jordan’ speaks’ and as far as Jordan is concern, that’s all that matters. I spent some time with them yesterday and today morning and Jordan can give her Bunny hugs and kisses. She still refuses to kiss us though, sigh. She’ll gladly receive kisses but… she only kisses her toys, dogs and of course Rylen.

Rylen finally went to school today as well, she was just happy she won’t have to sleep at her daycare anymore. 2 weeks or so left before she moves to the PCF nearby. Those places are expensive too uh? 2 hours and they are 180 bucks! PCF you know, public school right? Anyways, I need to print and figure out games the kids can do now that they’ll be home a lot more. I hate them watching TV and my maid let them watch TV for 4 freaking hours a few days back, wtf. Did the woman forget we have a bloody camera!!

That’s another thing, we’re changing our helper. I had enough of coming home to a face and attitude I cannot stand. This is my house, my home and if the husband can’t stand her either… she has to go. I refuse to feel bad or sorry, she’s had to change employers quite a bit and we tried, really tried and we spoke to her and all that stuff but still 1. refuses to write things down and then looks all stupid and then gets defensive when we scold her (without even raising our voice!!), 2. makes a mistake and just REFUSES to apologize, even when I said – so hard to say sorry issit. She just stared at me. Seriously the term – VOMIT BLOOD comes to mind. 3. Has a boyfriend and I figure when they have issues she gets even more stupid 4. Is just annoying, she has a personality that personally rubs me the wrong way – this morning I was passing Jordan treats to feed the dogs and Stomper’s a bit eager when it comes to the treats and she’s make statements like “Oh Mei Mei doesn’t like Stomper” seriously? and she’ll keep asking Ry if Rylen loves her ..over and over and over again. Then I get it when I come home and Ry will ask me over and over and over again and then Ry will ask if she’s naughty will I still love her. This is what the damn fool is teaching my kids!!! Oh and the kicker! She’s actually told Rylen that she’ll bring Jordan back to the Philippines with her and leave Rylen behind!! First of all you aren’t taking Jordan anywhere, secondly – that’s really mean and third, WTF, I’ve said from DAY 1 – we DO NOT LIE to the children, I don’t care if it makes life easier, we DO NOT LIE. Argh, perhaps it’s like a second nature thing for these people, lies are just a natural thing? It’s frustrating.

I know she loves Jordan and puts up with Rylen but because she’s stubborn and refuses to change, we’re done. She couldn’t even last a year. She’s not a BAD maid work wise, she’s just OKAY and that’s not enough for us to over look the fact that we find her personally annoying.

New things in August my friends, looking forward to August and September because nothing can be much worse  than June and July this year.


2 thoughts on “Amen

  1. If it weren’t for reno loans I’d ask to work part-time or quit or something but my hands are tied now. Damn frustrating.

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