For My Hubba

There will be a lot of nagging about throwing out the rubbish for the next 3 weeks but yeah, sorry. I refuse to have cockroaches in my house.

This is a shout out for being so patient and being on board whether it was – sleep training, no TV during meal times, potty training nazi, etc etc. He’s ALWAYS had my back and I only have to explain why I’m doing what I’m doing and he supports me 100% and I so appreciate it. I used to get flack from the in laws, people online but my kids, our way and it’s proven to be the right way for us. If I had to sleep with my kids (I know it’s nice… like 3 times a year) or had to pat them to sleep I’d be screwed right about now. So thank you for supporting me.

Now lets see how many times I have to ask you to throw the rubbish today… yesterday was 5 times 😛

Edit (2 Aug): This situation sucks monkeys’ balls man, I need a helper….


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