July is Nearly OVER

It’s been a very very bad 2 months. I even started to believe I’m damn suay (unlucky). My Dad passed away suddenly, both kids had a bad as heck cases of HMFD, I had events and my own event to lead and it was a tad bit overwhelming. In the end everything went fine but the boss is …sigh.. not happy with a song I loved for the dance performance and she bitched and bitched and bitched. It was the last thing I needed, seriously. For so many many MANY things to be shit and for even the good things people find fault with you, it’s seriously in a word – fucked. Then then I get shortchanged with claims etc but you know what? WHO CARES.

Then my wallet with all my credit cards got stolen, seriously, God if you’re testing me… fuck this shit man!! Enough! It started as a nice Saturday with Rylen and then we were stuck with a dollar to get home %*#%@#####!!!!! But still, whatever, it’s OKAY.

Sunday was nice, I was getting a cold, which happens when I’m very tired. The sickening maid’s leg seems PERFECT for her b’day outing, AMAZING, no? Anyway, kids and I plus my Mom went out to the Jacob Ballas and then to Crystal Jade for lunch and then CRASHED at home…zzz. It was a nice day overall.

Then Monday came and something kept nagging at me to get rid of her before July, don’t drag her into August. I brushed it aside because my new maid’s coming in later in August. Then then R smses me how he hates that she’s around our kids. The house camera is off, wtf. Alarm bells.

We got home, asked my Mom’s helper some questions downstairs, bumped into the neighbour who says my maid is ALWAYS on the phone and not focusing on the kids and my now EX maid asked if she could work for her which tells me she cannot be bothered about my kids at all. So I decide there and then, lets not waste time, I don’t want her in my house.

She’s basically a stubborn, horrible person who isn’t very smart but thinks she is. So when she fucks up she leaves a trail but she still thinks that she’s smarter than everyone, like OMG, you’re 36, seriously you should have learnt by now.

I had every intention of sending her home but she asked if she could still work for us (after my tirade seriously?? she is really that dumb) because her Mother is sick. So while she’s bitching about us and how awful we are, forgetting that 1. I passed her my new inhaler to send to her mother quickly 2. she always has help so she is NEVER over worked 3. we might nag but only because she doesn’t bother to remember, write down or care and keeps making the same mistakes over and over again. BUT because I’m unfortunately a nice person, I’m transferring her. In general and in the larger scheme of things, she’s not a bad maid. She just needs to work for a household of slackers who perhaps live in a huge house and they don’t have to look at her sour puss face very often or better yet a naggy old crone who whacks her upside the head every other day because you know SHE DESERVES IT.


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