Guy Friends

I admit I don’t have many guy friends, I’m not that girl, I like my girlfriends – a lot and I guess growing up in a all girls school didn’t help. I tried to cultivate girl-boy friendships over the years but they all tired to get in my pants once I dump a boyfriend, it was very depressing and seriously annoying. Now when I was in my 20s and single-ish and my world was my own and I could do what I wanted and no one would really care…sigh those days were awesome. I could come home from a exhausting day at work and just lie on my bed for an hour and look at the ceiling and no one would need me. I could pee and there wasn’t someone else in the toilet pointing and asking what’s that? Or prodding my belly button and going beeeeep, licking me, pawing me for strokes…OMG, but I digress.

When I was in my twenties I was my own boss and because I was in an off and on again crappy as heck relationship I had guy friends and yeah, a few were waiting but it’s nice that some of the fools I dated turned out to be nice guy friends. We weren’t connect on that level but some stayed friends and Malla was one of them. He’s an awesome dude and cute to boot, we met at Zouk but he was as usual lusting after Cheryl but we went on a few dates but he was moving to the States so they changed to outings quickly and it was lovely to have a guy friend (who wasn’t fat or ugly and hence why he was only a friend). So anyways, he’s expecting and I just found out and I’m delighted, I kinda wish they were having a girl because his wife is so pretty but there will be another AJ. I know you read my blog sometimes dude and I’m saying this again… HAVE TWO… don’t stop at one.

But you know… the meaning of privacy will be a totally foreign concept.


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