I hardly been writing cos most days the normal work is a chore. I’m f-ing tired. My fingers hurt from washing, cooking, hanging etc etc. I’m not used to all this labour, there I admit it. There are points where I’m like – we can do this you know, just have my mom’s helper (who we pretty much pay for) help look after the kids and bring the dogs down and we can do the rest…maybe a part time maid to iron and mop the floor. Because OMG, I do LOVE LOVE LOVE the privacy. BUT no, no way in hell. I don’t get to spend enough time with the kids, hubba and dogs. I’m snappy cos I’m tired and my body aches and not in a good way, my head hurts cos I remember so many things! I need to pick up dog food on the way home, OMG I have to push that horrible double stroller and both kids and a dog food and all their stuff all the way home and it’s heavy. I then have to rush to bring down the dogs to pee. with the kids (who by now are getting grumpy) Then up again to scan the house for any poop or piss, all clear and I can put Jordan down. At this point I’m freaking sweating like a hog. I wash my hands and if I’m luck my Mom would have given both a shower, so all I have to do is get their milk ready. Start on their food for the next day. Hubs comes home, we get them ready for bed. He reads, I wash their stuff and a load of clothes in the machine. They zzz, I warm up our food. We finally eat, watch some TV. Either me or the hubs will walk the dogs while the other does the dishes. Then we hang up some clothes. I clean the kitchen, pack their bags and food for the next day. Portion out their milk.

The dogs haven’t had a shower in more than a week, I was suppose to be on leave today but changed it to Thursday so that’s when they’ll shower… I need the groomer to come and shave them so it doesn’t take me an hour to shower and dry them :{. Axl the fat bastard needs to start running again meaning I the fatty need to start running, blah. I really really hope my new maid comes on Friday, please please please let her be nice, normal and not a stubborn fat old cow.


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