Jordan 18 Months

Dearest Jordan,
Today you’ve been with us for a year and a half! Time flies when you’re having fun. I can’t believe two years so ago we announced we were expecting again at Rylen’s first birthday party. It was madness, joyful, scary, exciting all rolled into a frenzy. You’re the best accident that ever happened :). I know I’ve said that so many times but only because it’s true.

Your birthday invitation I never did get a chance to blog about

We’ve been swimming a lot and you LOVE IT! You and your Jie Jie are now darker than me, I have no idea how that happened since I put soooo much sunblock and hardly bother to use any on myself but there you go… the mother is the only pasty one. You still only have six teeth, what’s up with that? Then again you still manage pretty well and want to eat everything we eat, have to have anything Rylen is having for sure and when you can’t manage you just spit it out. Oh oh oh and you absolutely love gnawing on chicken bones, you will sit or walk around with it for an hour if we let you, it’s a bit disturbing and the dogs complain you’re a tease :).


My Waterbabies

You kinda went off fruit for a bit and refused everything cept for bananas! We begged, tricked, forced you and I got so worried I got liquid vitamin C!! Then a month later, you’re all good with fruit again. Favourites are – doughnut peaches/ nectarines, pink lady apples, yellow kiwis and sometimes cherries, yay!!

The fact that you and your sister love Cod Liver Oil, the white version  I remember taking it when I was growing up too and I too preferred the original to the over sweet orange flavoured bottle, but your father finds this rather disturbing. In my time the bottle was glass, how things have changed. Its really funny because y’all whine when the other goes first! Seriously, it smells so nasty the dogs don’t wanna lick it off the floor!

Your personality, OMG…. now 80% you’re a totally darling, you smile, you play with your sister, your dogs and even by yourself or you’re alseep but the 20%… you’re very stubborn, scream when you don’t get your way and smack us or your sister, it’s pretty scary and quite a sight because you can go on and even fake a asthma attack, pick you up and you smile and yes, you’ve fooled me. I’ve resorted to putting you in a corner or I’d smack you… which would defeat the purpose so, sigh. Humans can’t be perfect.

lil J

Looking at that sweet face you cannot imagine the terror!

There are little things that only you do – like when we cuddle, how you pat my back. How you REFUSE to kiss anyone cept the dogs and Rylen, the few times I get kisses I’m about to faint! Your curls, oh they are so darling! Those cheeks, your smile, the first time you smiled at me, I knew that was it, for your sister – it’s her eyes, you – your smile. Some days you look so tiny still and then you stretch in your crib and your crib suddenly looks very ,very small and I know you’re going to need a toddler bed soon and it breaks my heart a little. Your first ever favourite book is the Gruffalo, once we read that you were hooked and started loving books.

I love you so very much Jordan, don’t ever forget that.


Mama (that’s what you’re calling me for now)


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