Another Bites the Dust

So we’re getting rid of the maid and she lasted 2 weeks? I have shit luck with maids and I know it, I’m truly aware and it really annoys me and some days I really wish it was just me but I can without a doubt, say – with regards to the MAIDS issues – it really isn’t me.

Basically, she annoys the kids, has thought Jordan to start biting again because she thought it was funny to ask Jordan to bite her finger… it took us two months to make her stop biting our shoulders, thighs, my boobs and Ry’s stomach and the damn idiot re-taught her!! When she doesn’t want to do something she …just… won’t… do …it and I had to be really firm with her and it’s annoying lah (ooo, I now know how my bosses feel), she’s a slacker and I don’t have space for a slacker, I told her to never let the dogs off the leash and she did and the finally reason we decided we don’t need this maid – We don’t trust her with the kids. I tell her I’m going to the loo and to watch them, I come out and she’s either in  the freaking toilet (she’s ALWAYS in the damn toilet!!!!!!!) or doing something else, even after explaining that the kids are the most important, she doesn’t get it, perhaps cos she’s not a mother or she’s too juvenile but she’ll leave them out of her line of sight and I only needed them watched for 5 bloody minutes.

I really wanted to update about Ry’s Birthday celebrations which started on Friday and ended last night but I’ll do that soon.


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