Sleep is so NOT overrated

This week has been sooooo bad, sleep wise. I have no idea what’s up with the girls but either will get up whining or screaming and it’s Wednesday and my eyes are really dry and I feel like I might fall over!

Monday, I think Jordan’s been teething and OMG she has so few teeth, they are kinda huge and they take ages to come out, so on Monday she woke up 3 or 4 times, R saw to her the first two times, I don’t know if there was a 3rd time but I went to see her at 5am… and you know that’s it, you can’t go back to bed when you know you have to get up soon. On Tuesday morning, it was kinda both of them and I went in and they slowly went back to bed but woke up at 6am, faint. Then this morning at 4.40am, Ry’s whining so I bring her to go pee and she insist she wants to sleep on our bed… seriously? zzzz. She didn’t fall asleep till 6am! First she plays with my hair and then she nearly shoves me off  the bed and then I turn to snuggle her, hoping it’ll help her fall asleep and she climbs on top of me… she’s really heavy, she’s got seriously heavy bones and is weighing in at 15kg, on my chest, I cannot…breathe. I look a the time and OMG it’s 6am, I force my eyes shut and I wake up at 6.20am and she’s sound asleep, man. So I do what I can outside, change and play with Jordan when she wakes up (asking for her Jie Jie) and one hour later I’m rushing to shower, put on my face creams, clothes, kiss my babies and run out the door in 10 minutes!!

I look like a mini bus ran me over…zzz


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