Away We Go!

So we’re heading to Bali tomorrow and I’ve been tired and in general very busy with maid issues, no maid, sick kids, grief, work, life, birthdays, new very blur maid, etc… basically moving along. I did start packing the kids stuff on Saturday which I’m really glad I did because with them getting underfoot and me trying to get things from their room, sigh, I finally finished during their nap! It took longer than I thought it would and I’m still not done cos there are things like – inhalers and toothbrushes and creams that can only go in on Thursday just before we leave! OMG!!!!!!! I do hate packing but less than unpacking.

I’ve been to Bali twice before. I like it; I like the surf, I liked getting a tan, I liked being in my bikini, loved the rapids, the food, the shopping, the massages etc. But I’m not gonna be in a bikini this round, I’m a bit over suntanning, I’m not sure how much boarding I’m gonna get into but I will rent a board if I see a surf (we’ll be at Sanur and Ubud), no white water this round, not as much shopping, I’ll be pleased to get in one massaged and I’m going with the in laws, groan.

I love my in laws enough, I mean they are nice people, they aren’t assholes but they are in laws and I’m an impatient bitch. Now my parents get me and I can throw my Mom a look and she’ll stop whatever she’s doing to annoy me and won’t ever get hurt cos hello… I’ve been doing it since she can remember. In laws however… either don’t care, don’t get it, get hurt… know what I’m saying… we’re family but we’re not blood and we don’t stay together (thank god) and now we’ll be REALLY close for 4 whole nights. I have … would Marie like us to pay for her to join Expressions? Marie is mean why is she putting them in the corner (better than using the cane right??). Marie should ease up on the kids. Marie shouldn’t be so fussy. Marie marie marie you’re a shining star… you get where I’m coming from. Anyways, I am gonna be positive and since the hubs is really excited about bringing his folk there, I will be on my lowest bitch mode and I know having them around means I can steal an afternoon to get a massage and I hope a night to have an adult dinner (which we haven’t done in ages because we haven’t a proper helper) or maybe just wine and cheese by the pool (note to self get wine at DFS).

So I haven’t been very on about this trip but it hit me last week it’s JORDAN’S very FIRST TRIP!! OMG!! Now Ry’s been to Phuket and KL with us and she’s a very good traveler, no issues on the plane, she can sleep in her stroller with the noise etc and not care, she really is my Lil Superstar. Jordan however… doesn’t do well in the stroller… there’s whining, we once needed to use a shirt we bought to cover the stroller so that she could sleep and she’s a bit of a screamer… so I am a bit scared and excited but mostly scared.

Anyways, I’ve been listing in my head all the things we need to bring/ buy for this holiday and many more holidays to come and here are some that I’ve read about and some that I know are helpful.

On the Plane

1. Pullups for your toddler
Now Ry’s totally off diapers but I read on Mother Inc how her daughter might not get to use the loo when she really needs to so thankfully Ry can still fit into her XL pullups. So I’m bringing along a few just in case – for the plane ride and at least one a day in case we can’t get to a toilet. *she did have a single wet diaper till we were at a market and she didn’t know how to use a squart toilet and well…
2. Juice/ Milk for take off and landing.
So when we flew with Rylen, I timed her milk when she was 7 months for around that point when your ears kinda go funny. And I don’t get why more parents don’t know this but drinking will help smaller children. So I’ve got milk/ milo/juice and a gummy (vitamin) each and even a lollipop (just in case).
3. Books, toys plus a loaded up with toddler apps iPad
4. At least one extra set of clothes
I also make them use sneakers with socks and remove the shoes on the plane but keep the socks on, it’s way more comfie and hygiene.
5. Pray that they take a nap *took a nap there and refused to nap back 😦
Vitamins, Medication
I would recommend that if you have a baby under 2 years, get your  doctor to get you the medicine necessary (eg. cold, cough, tummy trouble). If you’re like me and have been there, done that and soooo much more… these are medication I’d recommend:-
(Fever/ Pain)Nurofen – I like this for higher fevers and pain usually, if you want to keep a fever down longer I’d recommend this but I usually save it for the night and give Baby Panadol during the day
(Cough)Sinupret for Kids Ry’s was coughing and she has very sensitive lungs since she got sick at daycare and has tried so many many different types of cough medication, and I find that Sinupret has worked for both kids and another good one is Rhinathiol but I don’t really like what I read about the side effects plus Jordan can’t take it so I’m leaving it at home.
(Cold/ Blocked Nose)Actifed, I only recommend this at night so they sleep better if they have a very bad blocked/ running nose. Nasal Spray to clear out blocked nose and Nasal Drops for running nose.
(Food Poisoning/Stomach Flu) – I understand that there is no safe medication for younger children. Ry’s has stomach flu twice – we stopped regular milk and switch to soy and were given probiotics. I like Culturelle and I have also been giving the, Childlife Probiotics daily but I’m gonna switch to Culturelle, I’ll be bringing a few packets for them because I usually split a packet per day and if they do get sick then they’ll take 2 packets a day. I think it works.
Vitamins – We’re bringing fibre Yummi Bears, Fruit and Veg Gummies (I like these cos they aren’t coated with sugar and really aren’t too sweet, I give up to 2 of each but usually less – 2 Fruit and Veg only usually) and Scotts Original Cod Liver Oil
*They didn’t get sick at all, YAYAYAYAYAYAYYYYYY
We’re gonna do laundry once, so brought lotsa dresses for the day, leggings and tees for the evenings and night. Sleepwear which they will use for 2 days per set. I really hope Ry doesn’t wet the bed…perhaps I’ll bring a dispossible wet pad.
LOTSA AND LOTSA of beach/ pool toys, floaters (2 rings and a pair of arm ones or Jordan will slip out of the ring). We also got this and we’ve taken it for a spin at a public pool and I like it but goodness it take up LOADS of space in my luggage!
Weird Stuff
I’m bringing their step up stool. I have 2 – the Ikea and Motherhood one and we usually don’t use the Ikea one anymore cos it got a bit mouldy and the kids like to sit on it. But I’m bringing it so that Ry can use the look on her own and wash her hand on her own too. *wasted time and I just left it behind
A bucket – mainly for the beach but also if I need to wash their little things and a final boiled eater rinse for their cups and such
They actually dont take up that much space because I put stuff in them and then pack them in. *it was useful when I had a 7th month all but no need for a 18 mth and 36 month all
I’m not gonna make porridge while I’m there even if the thought did cross my mind, I really don’t wanna to deal with forcing them to eat mush in public. But I didn’t bring health-ier snacks. Like yogurt drops, bunny biscuits, carrot and cheese crackers (which are tasteless I wanna gag) and raisins. Packets of Oat milk for Rylen and some packets of her formula which Enfa sent. And for Jordan packets of formula and fresh milk. I also have breakfast flakes… just in case.
I’ve also packed a pair of food scissors (yes I cut my kids food up with a pair of scissors in public cos it’s faster and easier and I wanna eat), 2 Ikea plastic cups and bowls plus their forks and spoons. One plastic bib which I’m sure Jordan will refuse to wear :(. Also getting blueberries and yellow kiwis. I know it might be overkill but yes… *we brought 3 kiwis home ahahahahaha but the unbreakable cup and plates were useful
Of Bugs and Such
Cos where we live there are many many MANY mosquitoes and the hubs goes a bit mad any time his little darlings has a bite. I’m bring 3 types of repellant for the kids…yes THREE. One box of stick ons, one California Baby Bug Spray, one Badgers Balm to put in my bag when we’re out and about. We also have an electric one we’ll plug in the room and coil (I like the lavender version) and of ourselves I got a tiny off spray cos we can use a lil of the kids ones right? I think he also wants to buy a can of spray when we land so spray the room ahahaha. I’ve stay in some shitty place when that was necessary so you know I’m cool with it. *Villa provide all 3 so the kiddy repellant was super useful

Okay, that’s it, wish us luck and this post took me 2 weeks to work on and complete so I hope it’s of some use :).


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