RyBear Turns Three

So I started putting this together after her birthday and only managed to complete it NOW….

Something happened to Rylen when she turned 3…she’s a non stop chatterbox, at home anyways. Her teachers say she’s really quiet in class but understands nearly everything so they were really amazed when I went down for Rylen’s birthday ‘celebration’ in school. With me she tells stories, tells me to take care and cross the road carefully ah when I leave  to go to work, calls her sister darling and reads to Jordan while Jordan sits on her lap! She looks at the pictures and she kinda remembers what was said on that page, I know she can’t read yet but kids have amazing memories! She’s understanding more and getting her point across after and easier and goodness the why why why why why why why… it never ends!! I do try my best to keep answering and not treat her like oh she’s only 3, she won’t understand cos their minds are truly amazing and I’m trying my hardest to not pigeon hole her but sometimes my brain hurts and finally my SKILL of general knowledge has come in handy but I know soon I’ll need google but now I’m frank and tell her I DON’T KNOW, sorry.

Can you guess the theme? The cupcakes look rather …  erm, but they were yums and home made. The sign was done by Auntie Ann!


I love how pleased she looks

Then on Saturday we did a little bash with family and my close friends, it was Pizza, Pasta, Hotdogs and cake… no one complained ahahaha. We had loads of pizza and pasta left cos most could only handle one hotdog ahahaha! Rylen didn’t bother much with the bread and focused on the dog and soon Jordan caught on. Oh wells, they had a uber healthy lunch before that.


I made the cake too, R insisted on chocolate and I thought chocolate frosting was gonna be over kill, so the centre and second half is covered with cheese frosting which to me was wayyyyy better.

Family picture and Ry was getting annoyed with all the pictures taken…. and so many cameras no one knew where to look, grrr.

On Sunday, I was having a lazy morning and … Rylen was in my room and I opened with curtains without thinking and* GASP* she spotted her bicycle wheel, a little smile and a “what’s that?” and the rest is history. So she got her present early. We tried to take it for a spin and well… we haven’t used it much since! I think I’ll rent a radio flyer and teach her how to pedal on that.

On her actual birthday we took them to Amazonia. It’s a bit pricey and I don’t think I’ll go back but it was pretty fun. They had a trampoline!! I heart trampolines!! A very long high slide which Ry refused to go on by herself. Either myself or R would have to take either of them down (with hands and feet tucked in) and hence not many pictures.

Jordan happiest in the ball pit

Rylen a little emo as usual

It was one heck of a long birthday, but all birthdays should be at least a week long, no?


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