We’ve decided to get a few little things for the kids for Christmas instead of one big expensive item which they then chuck aside. So far I’ve got Ry a schol bus and Jordan a dump truck (in pink) and I would like to get some puzzles from Orchard Toy or ELC and also go them shoes (gold and silver) just because they LOVE SHOES! I was looking at getting them Duplo Lego for 1.5 – 5 yrs. So far they only have Mega Blocks and they seem keen on destroying them only.

Okay, now I hate puzzles and I wasn’t keen on Lego as a kid. I liked playing outside, picking up kittens, grasshoppers and butterflies. I need my kids to be better than me and I believe that puzzles, lego, piano lessons in the future are all key advantages for better Math grades. I also hate Maths, mostly because I suck at it and did I mention that I didn’t take piano lessons? Yeah.

My mother wanted me to be a SIA girl so that I’d travel and marry a rich man…she forgot about the smoking, love for superficial items and awful politics and the fact that I don’t like being a sheep and do not take instructions well. So no. If my girls wanna join SIA it’s because SIA finally allows female pilots. I want them to have a profession, a skill. No marketing, PR, blah blah… all that you can actually learn on the job. Looking at Rylen now and how well she remembers things and OMG how loud she is – I’m thinking lawyer but she declared she wants to be a doctor and my first though was “crap how do I afford that? ahahahaha!” Jordan loves looking at things and figuring them out still early days yet but maybe engineering and then a pilot like her Godpa or maybe a vet (my dream come true) because she loves animals soooo much.

Anyways, it really is about toy and things that they have fun with and somethings that help them out mentally. Right now their favourite thing to do is play Mommy & Daddy – which means that Ry or Jordan are always pushing their tiny stroller, using their lil handphone and Ry is always shouting ALLEN!!! ALLEN!!! And Jordan comes running… cos Jordan’s the erm… Daddy.

2 thoughts on “Playthings

  1. I know lah, like not all Eurasian girls are sluts 😛 but in general….
    And I doubt it, his new girl flies planes for fun.

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