So I haven’t been posting much. I had two posts come up empty and I just couldn’t redo them.

Anyway, the OMG is that Jordan’s teething and she gets up every night for the last month (cept, for once a week). The broken sleep that I’m not used to anymore has been tough on us. I know Ry went through the same thing and after a week, we made her CIO and put a stop to it. We haven’t been able to do the same with Jordan because we don’t want Ry to wake up. Well, I know for a fact that she’s not waking up cos she’s cold or had a poo nor is it because she’s teething…. it’s become a habit. She knows we’ll come in and carry her and then she’ll ask to be put back to bed and then she figured she could make us stay in longer and 2 minutes stretched to 10 and then 2 times or more a night. Ridiculous!

So I took Ry and brought her in the room with me, R slept on the sofa and checked on Jordan twice while she screamed then silence and then screamed some more till she realised we weren’t going in and slept till I have no idea cos I had to leave for work. So while all of us – R, Rylen, my maid and myself will suffer today due to a major lack of sleep.  I know we’ll be doing this a few more times. I’ll have to close the windows next time cos I could hear Jordan and that also meant that Ry couldn’t sleep… sigh

I have a headache now and the area between my shoulders is so tight I keep stretching and nothing seems to work. We will get through this….


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