A month to go!

So Jordan turns TWO in a year and I’m like meh. I know right, what the hell woman. I did tell myself we need to stop spending soooo much money (my idea of so much money greatly differs, I’m aware) on birthday parties and goodie bags and etc etc. I really wanted a quiet year this year. BUT… I just feel bad, we celebrated all 3 of Ry’s birthdays and now I wanna have a quiet one for Jordan? HOW DARE I. Sigh, this mommy guilty is bloody annoying, seriously. The hubs suggest a small thing with just family. But there’s quite a few – family and what about my friends esp with little kids who I know Jordan would much prefer…. and then, I simply must have goodie bags because it’s a MUST, no? And I need to make them a lil interesting and organic and cute and not rubbish and and and … it gets expensive especially cos I’m sucker for themes.

So how now? I have a month to go…what do I do? I have no idea… This is also why I haven’t celebrated by birthday since I had kids… I’m just too tired to care.


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