Convent School Girls

I’m a convent school girl and I loved it. My mother, my mother in law and my sister in law, all convent school girls. So the decision to send my girls to a non convent school really saddens me but I believe that enough sleep, that then allows them to focus in class is more important that my convent school pride. That being said, I saw what would be described as ‘art’ a paper-mache of a pregnant girl in an obvious convent school uniform greatly upset me. I felt insulted, upset and demeaned all at once, I was so mad I actually cried. I wasn’t a good girl but I wasn’t havoc and I didn’t have sex that early and neither have I ever been pregnant till I was ready. I know girls who were pregnant and kept the baby and couldn’t continue school so the art is actually not accurate. Fact is that 95% don’t have sex, don’t get pregnant and are in general decent girls who received a good well-rounded education. Frankly I’m so sick of this whole … Convent school ah…tsk tsk tsk either sluts or lesbians. Seriously, get a clue!



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