Potty Training Jordan’s Turn

It’s been about 2 weeks or so and I think she’s taking it to it pretty well. Some days we have accidents – she tells us just as she’s doing the deed or we’re just not fast enough. I’m loosely following the Gina Ford method (I use pull up diapers when we go out though). I was a little worried about Jordan because she’s 1. more stubborn than Rylen in general and 2. she’s not that grossed out by pee running down her leg ahahaha. I love that I can recycle the Bright Bots Training Pants  which I bought mostly from Kiddy Palace. I’ve only gotten peed on twice (once was before I left for work and I had to change). I like these pants because they let the kid feel the wetness but helps hold the pee in and not all over the floor! The great thing is that because Jordan is so used to seeing Ry pee and poo, she wasn’t as afraid to poo in the potty, she’s done it twice since the weekend! I have to laugh because every time after, she’ll take a look and go “Ohhhh so BIIIIGGGGG! Mommy, look my poo poo so BIIIIIGGGG!!!” and I have to agree and then she’ll ask me if it’s smelly ahahahahaha. Good times.

But there is a tiny hitch, we’re going on a holiday soon and I really hate to have wasted all this time potty training her , so should I bring her potty? seriously? cos it’s pretty big :(. I would like to just bring her toilet seat but she isn’t fond of pee or pooing in out loo just yet. Argggghhhh!


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