Nasal Issues

I hate ball games. I have very little ball sense and bad luck. I’ve been hit a few times on the face by a softball, frisbee, rubgy (I wasn’t playing, just watching), football and the worse by a tennis ball that smashed my glasses into my face and then I suffered a deviated septum…basically I kinda broke my nose. Since then I’ve had nasal infections every other year.

I went to see a doctor just before my trip and got antibiotics but forgot to pack them with me on the trip… I know! Tsk Tsk. I got home and continued but I guess the damage was done and I think I’ve been hit again. Doesn’t help that things at work are CRAZY and now there are somethings going on at home that …well, I wasn’t ready for and it’s pretty bleak, so. The combination of stress and lack of sleep usually screws up my system.

I’m going to be working this Saturday but hopefully nothing terrible will happen at my event *crosses fingers* and I can get home in one piece! Have a good weekend!


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