I never had a sister but I knew it was super important that they grow up really close hence, same room, lots of cuddles, kisses and …sharing. Yup, it’s gotten to that point where I want to get two of everything so they’ll stop fighting. I also know that, that would be spoiling them and not really sending out the right message, argh.

So I tried the – who picked up the toy first and then there’s the – who actually got the toy as a present … I hate it. I also feel that sometimes Rylen gets the bad end of that stick. I used the whole who pick up the toy first at night and the hubs used the whole who’s toy is it actually in the morning :(. The problem lies with the fact that Jordan wants everything that is in Rylen’s hand and as a first born, I know that this is bloody annoying and it always seems like the older kid has to give in. As a parent, it’s simply because the older kid understands more and there’s lil reasoning with a 2 year old but it’s not fair or fun.

So, I’ve been watching… there’s this headache inducing dog that my brother gave Jordan and every time Rylen touches it, Jordan will scream for it, Ry ends up having to give in. So Ry picks up a toy water gun (my helper bought) and Jordan screams for that… so I tell her to give Rylen the toy dog and she can have the gun. I think Ry’s catching on…. win.

Some days I feel sorry for Jordan cos Ry’s extra bossy (it seems) and she’ll push Jordan and I open my mouth to scold and then I see Jordan turn around and pinch her ahahaha, my little chili padi, Ry will come screaming and I’m like… I saw you pushing her first dudette… oops. Basically, Rylen is very sensitive and she’ll know when I’m upset or angry and it effects her a hellva lot more then it ever will Jordan, Rylen just like that… she cannot be pushed or forced, it’s pointless, things always go south when I make her try something she does not want to do. She needs praise and love and hugs and kisses. She likes explanations and reasoning. Jordan, that one I’m still trying to figure out, she’s a chili padi, stomps her feet when she doesn’t get her way (I have no idea where she picked that up from) and no amount of reasoning works. When she doesn’t get her way there is MAJOR screaming and stomping and crying and the only thing that works is a time out in a corner… it could also be a two year old thing, we’ll see.

It’s tiring since they are so young together but at the same time, the fact that because there’s a year and a half between them only, they can communicate and play relatively the same games and toys, it’s nice and just watching them do their own thing together a few minutes everyday, usually makes it worth it.

That being said OMG, weekends are exhausting esp when the hubs isn’t around!


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