So I had ANOTHER Birthday

Someone needs to stop this aging thing. We need to make a deal and stay good looking and then one day when our job is done and we feel we’ve had enough, poof, we leave. A good age would 75… my kids would be old enough, if they have kids, I would have likely had some time to help them out and they’ll be old enough to remember Gramme.

Anyways, I turn another year old and I haven’t really celebrated my birthday since becoming a Mom. With 2 kids especially and their birthdays I’m usually all birthday-ed out. I do miss it though, I celebrated for a WEEK with wish list, dancing, dinners, many cakes and etc etc… now I get smses, some of my close friends don’t even bother to call… can you believe it? I get a watsapp :(. Bit depressing, really. It leads to a slippery slope where people just don’t care.

I haven’t had a single birthday where I didn’t cry and this round I cried because my Dad isn’t around for the first time ever to celebrate my birthday. All this negativity, will need to stop.

I have a great husband who followed me shopping and didn’t bitch or moan and he even carried the bags. We went for a decent massage and then MORE shopping. I kinda got a lil antsy because I had to go home and cook up a quick pasta dinner which was suppose to be small with just my Mom but my bro and my MIL came over, which was nice, thankfully I overcooked. We cut my yearly birthday cake – Sara Lee. The kids had fun and as much as I miss the old days, frankly this was really nice too.


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