You and What YOU See

It took me 28 years to finally be happy with my body, my face and my hair. I wasn’t ever going to be skinny, I wasn’t meant to have straight hair, I was always gonna have to wax, shave, pluck and my face was just fine. Then I got pregnant and again and it’s taken it’s toll on my body and I don’t get to exercise as much as I used too and I’m getting old and my ego has taken a major beating. I try to ignore when people tell me I’m fat, when my husband teases me or when idiots ask if I’m pregnant again. It took me 28 years to be happy with myself and now it sucks that I’m back to feeling like … this. However, when I look at my kids and how they love lying on my squishy belly and when they are sick; my thighs bring much comfort and I realise it’s okay to be a little chunky for a little while more while I try and get a run in once a week and find the time to get back to exercising yet again just so that I’m healthy.


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