Cause and Effect

So I’ve been working late a lot and it happens when you’re in charge of an event and it gets closer to the date. There are many changes, late updates etc and it doesn’t help that it takes me 1.5 hours by train to get home. What happened was that the kids started giving me attitude, sigh.

Event over and I spent the whole weekend with the kiddos. We went to Stef’s place for brunch, got home, napped (I sooooo needed this nap), kids had dinner, went to the airport to pick my Auntie up with kids in tow, put them to bed. Sunday, I got up for a run and then met the kids at the playground, weekly NTUC shopping trip, a 1st month party (where the hubs and I sneaked out for 10 mins to eat by ourselves ahahaha), nap, off to Changi Village for dinner w the kids, helper, hubs, aunt, Mom; fun. We also let the kids have a go with the old school car/bikes. The kids had fun… I was sweating buckets and the back of my legs and ankles got hit at least 4 times. I actually had to beg the owner to please take back the cars! It was $4 for 15 minutes but after 20 mins the kids were still going strong and they don’t seem to take the vehicle back from us!

Anyway, the kids really enjoyed themselves, I got many hugs and kisses… I’ve missed them so.



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