Time to FATTEN Jordan UP!

I know I’ve been pretty quiet and this blog has been uninspiring but I’ve been inspired to do so many things with the kids and we’ve been busy and I’ve been busy at work and tired but in a good way.

Anyway, we finally went for Jordan’s checkup and her final jab till she hits primary school. She did well taking her MMRV (2nd), I have no idea why the doctors always make such a big fuss. I just promised candy and she was like… OKAY!, Poke, Where’s my candy, Done. No tears.

However, I did speak to her doctor about her weight. Basically, she’s been around 11.7kg to 11.3 kg since December and that’s around 6 months of no weight gain at all. For a child that started out at 95% I was getting worried that she was down to 10%. We are back to full fat milk for both for now. She’s gained weight and within a week is a healthier 12kg! We’ll see how it goes and it looks like full fat might be here to stay for the year perhaps… sadness because I can’t drink much milk and when I do I prefer it skim but I cannot finish a bottle before it expires! We’ll have to see if Ry puts on too much weight as well. I read a few different sites that kids after 2 years of age do not need full fat milk and low-fat is a no no and it would be best to switch them to skim, they also have soy milk with less sugar in the afternoon and 150ml of their formula at night just in case they need all this DHA etc etc that very expensive formulas provide. Whatever it is, project Fatten Lil J up will continue till she’s at least 12.5kg. I mean, she eats nearly as much as her older sister and usually faster! Seriously, she can finish her porridge or her rice or her noodles or pasta at least 10 to 15 minutes faster than her older sister and she will eat at least 1/2 of it by herself but the mess takes it toll on us and we try to feed her the second half so of her food goes in her mouth instead of her dogs mouth. Jordan however does not like fruit as much and she’s not all that keen on cake or biscuits unless she’s hungry. If she’s full she will not make room for yogurt, cake, fruit, biscuits or even ice cream! Ry will… as would I ahahaha.

Jordan also runs around A LOT for someone her age because I know Ry didn’t really run all that much or that fast! Then again Jordan has to chase Ry around and OMG Rylen can run pretty fast, she kinda caught me off guard, I had no idea she could run that fast! Oh how quickly they grow up. Taking Ry to the playground every weekend makes my heart pound and I wanna scream BE CAREFUL like 20 times and go NO NO NO at least 100! Rylen climbs all over flings herself off and then slides down, jumps off bridges and my heart is like OMG OMG OMG but I just shut my mouth and hope she doesn’t break anything cos having a cast at any age is a really chore! I do say FOCUS WOMAN a lot ahahaha.

And just because



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