In the Haze of it all

Thanks to the haze, we’ve had to go  on a rush to get purifiers for loved ones and a lil one for ourselves. I got a large piece of plastic to over my balcony hole, cos I kinda liked the free flow of air through out my house, sigh. Now it’s hot and stuffy and it drives me a bit mad. My kids don’t use the ipad often and we don’t have Wii at home, we usually don’t let them watch much TV but how that’s changed since Monday. On Tuesday when the PSI went down to 77, I called my helper to quickly bring them down for 30 minutes to use the playground! On Wednesday, it was a mad rush to get them home from Grandma’s but first I tried to get mask, all sold out! Then I loaded up on vitamin C based fruit and checked that my vitamin D3 for kids order was on it’s way.

Yesterday, we took the day off and were supposed to go to the Zoo, sigh. Instead we went to an indoor pool and the club also has a play area which I swear made Ry squeal with JOY. They came home and had their nap in AC comfort, we went out hunting for more purifiers (sadness). We did a puzzle and watched some TV and read a Mandarin and English book. So Rylen insist I read to her the mandarin book, (I usually get the husband because he makes fun of my lack of hanyu pinyin skills). Rylen said that I only read one mandarin book and I should start learning all of them…. grrrr, how to say no when you’re trying to set a good example? So I read it, and then read Going on a Bear Hunt and then my darling child thanked me for reading to her and she thanked me for bringing them swimming because they had so much fun, MELTS!!

Then this morning Jordan wakes up and insist I stay home, argh. I tell you, it was pretty hard to leave this morning.


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