My Helper

I’ve had HORRIBLE luck with maids. If you know me or have been following this blog, you would know my pain and it has been awful. Growing up, I had nannies till my youngest brother was born and my Mom who also didn’t have much luck with nannies decided to stay home. I cannot imagine staying home all day, I might go mad and we can’t afford it right now, so I have to work. That being said it hasn’t been easy dealing with maid woes and work, kids getting sick and my Dad, everything kept bringing us down and it was sooooo hard sometimes I didn’t know what the hell I did to deserve all this bad karma. I had to give myself a reality check every other day and look at my beautiful kids and remember life is life and it was gonna be okay and to just deal because what choice did I have? With kids you can’t crawl into yourself to lick your wounds or get depressed, you. just. can’t.

So after all that, we finally have a decent helper, she seems to love our kids, they love her, she’s got loads of energy for someone my age and she’s nice. She’s not perfect of course but she’s easy enough to live with. I think that’s what it is, I needed to helper that could be part of the family, not just a maid. She teaches Rylen and Rylen isn’t reduced to tears (I know I suck, I am no teacher). I buy loads of workbooks which are kinda fun and interesting and Ry usually likes them. This June holidays it seems like another switch was turned on and she now recognizes numbers and letters, can spell and colour within the lines and I’m totally blown away! She’s better at Mandarin but I need to try and get some time in to teacher after work or something which I hate because it’s after 7pm and I know she’s not as focused. The thing is, she’s nearly 4 and I was getting a little bit worried because kids a few months older have been writing and all that and she just refused, I just reminded myself she’s not 4 yet and to CHILL and yay, nice surprises.

I have to give kudos to Andresa, she’s been really patient and given the tools and some guidance she’s really helped Rylen come along and OMG I’m so grateful. Hence we’re letting her go home for Christmas, even if that means I’m gonna be super stressed and busy but she totally deserves it.


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