Lifestyle change

So we’ve been exercising at home for 20 minutes nearly every day and a proper run on Saturdays. We usually rest on Thursday and Sundays cos my knees hurt. We’ve also been having, usually salads at dinner unless I have a craving for proper food ie. chinese soups and such. I haven’t lost ANY WEIGHT. Nothing, nada, nil. The hubs on  the other hand has lost 4.5kg. Bloody Hell.

Sigh, I admit, the coffee and muffin at breakfast and the fried stuff at lunch doesn’t help but I was going for a total lifestyle change, you know something I could keep doing for life…. forEVER. The plan was in general, if I know I’m gonna have a yummy dinner then I make sure I have a proper salad for lunch or vice versa, totally do-able yes?

Yes. However, I’ve come to the unsatisfying conclusion that while this helps me not put on any more weight, gives me more energy and my clothes fit a tiny bit better…. it’s not helping me lose weight. So I’m gonna give the whole MODEL (cos I see my ex and still modeling friends posting pictures on instagram) juicing thing a whirl, wish me luck, I give it a week 😦 but I think I’ll need 2 weeks at least.

Tonight however, I’m having steak.


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