So I’ve been looking forward to Bali, I totally intend to chill A LOT on this holiday because it’s been a busy half a year, especially at work and with the hubs Dad not a 100%, we’re all a lil rung out. I want to sooooo totally veg out on this trip, we booked a decent villa for Ubud and a fancy one off Seminyak for a steal and I was gonna just sit, read, let the kids practically LIVE in the pool BUT my Mom wanted  to come and I’ve been bugging my parents to come with us to Bali for YEARS. So it’s a bit sad that my Dad never got to see it, I want my Mom to understand why Bali is so special to me.

However, I have to say, reading up about how badly animals there are treated kinda threw me. I’ll be bringing a whole box of goodies, mostly flea and tick treatments to Bali but if you are willing to spare some change you can donate at As much as they need supplies that are not available in Bali, they also need funding to help educate the Balinese about animal cruelty. Every little bit helps.


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