Malaysian Weekend

I have been trying off and on to get the hubs to just get in the car and drive to Malaysia. I mean let’s face it, Malaysia is AWESOME for nature aka open spaces, the sea and decent priced hotels. I also used to like the shopping.

So finally, we got our ass to Malaysia but to Johor and erm… I wasn’t really impressed, like Tioman, Redang, Langkawi, KL… those are the places I like… Johor, really? Guess what, we all kinda had some sort of fun. I know right, it’s nice to have no exceptions and have a good time. We stayed at Le Grandeur Palm Resort and it was decent, the pillow kinda smelled funny, bit like mildew. But it was big, the AC was cold and the water was hot, can’t really complain but the extra bed sucked and I don’t think the food was good.

Anyway, we had most of our food out, the nearby mall had THEFACESHOP so I stocked up and we also went horseback riding. I love horses, LOVE…. not as much as dogs but I think they are awesome. My love was tested when I bitten though but that horse does not like being in his stall and tends to bite…. I know these things only happen to me. I was just grateful it didn’t bite Jordan (I was carrying her) and I just got a bad bruise. Fact is I was most grossed out by the green spit on my t-shirt. Anyways, the Rider’s Lodge is pretty cool. The horses looked very well taken care of, well fed, the stables are big and airy and clean. I mean, this is like Australia/ NZ standard. I read not so nice things about the rooms but the plantation house and lil kidney shape pool were beautiful. We went on the led trail because we had kids and thankfully Jordan’s Godma didn’t mind walking along side her while I got to sit on a horse. I can’t wait for the kids to get a little bit older so that we can go for a proper trail.

However, I’m really proud of Rylen, she got on that horse, refused my help, sat on her horse with some stranger leading and didn’t freak out when her horse stopped for grass and she was way behind the pack. She looked so smug and happy, my heart melts, she is a little bit like me and maybe she is growing to love animals like I do. Sigh, my baby girl is growing up.


It was a lovely weekend but I must remember that Jordan still needs her afternoon naps, oops.


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