Co-sleeping, sleep training etc etc. I mean to each his/ her own. Just don’t confuse laziness for co-sleeping, there I said it, no need for nasty comments just hear me out.

I love my kids, more than I thought possible, I love their cuddles, their bodies squished next to mine, the way when Jordan is scared how she shoves her hand down my bra, Rylen’s tight hugs and kisses are epic! I also like my proper sleep and I like that as much as my kids need and love me, that they can fall asleep themselves. I like that I’m not their everything, just their most things. I don’t lock our door so when the thunder gets too much they know they can come in, although usually they get sent back to their rooms with the assurance that it’s just noise and that they are safe indoors and in their nice room.

Please also note that our helper doesn’t get involved, when they can’t sleep they come to us, when they are sick; we look after them, when they vomit; we clean up their sheets, clean them up and put them back to sleep. My helper needs her sleep so that she can look after them during the day when I’m not around. My kids seek comfort in us, I hate when maids take over the parenting role.

I’m not saying it’s wrong to co-sleep but it’s harder when you decide at 2 years that, they are getting too big to be in your bed and you want to sleep train them then, it’s hard, very hard and that’s not attachment parenting… attachment parenting is when they leave when they are ready. I also can’t stand when people think it’s just my kids and that I was easier for me or my situation. It wasn’t, I lived with my in laws when Ry was born and deciding to sleep train her amongst the disapproving glares, I used to just sit in the same room as Ry while she screamed and I used a torch to read a book where she couldn’t see me cos I didn’t want to be outside. It was wayyy easier with Jordan of course, we had our own place. I must say this though, I had a supportive husband, he hated the crying as much as I did but you know what, it lasted 3 days, then it was a mere whimper and then it was like nothing… now it’s please sit for 2 minutes after books, prayers, kisses and I love you-s. So I sit and sometimes Rylen will make me tell her stories and ask me questions so I’m in there longer, sometimes I let her. Jordan will tell me she’s so tired and to please stop kissing her. I love our night times together, adore it, it’s not tiring (usually) and not something I dread and I get some time with the dogs after and the hubs get some time to zone out and watch TV (since I hate when the kids watch too much TV) and then we get to cuddle to sleep. Bliss.


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