McDs and me

Sigh, I loved McDonalds, I think I still do, but it’s been 2 months and I’ve been McDs free and Lovin’ It. ahahaha.

Now, I’m all for a McDs fix, really I am, there is nothing better when you are starving and feeling like the world kinda sucks than a quarter pounder with cheese, hot non salted fries IN THAT BURGER (that’s how I eat it) and an icy full sugar Coke. drool. But besides that, the fact that it’s bad for me and I don’t let my kids eat there in general…. I noticed that it’s an addiction. Once, I get my ‘fix’, I want another next week and another and then I’m back to McDs loving, I start to feel sluggish and do you notice how much Coke you want to consume with  that meal and how much you need water after all that?

So the experiment with the 40 day old non decomposing burger didn’t deter me, neither did the video of the pink slime (actually it did make sure I didn’t want my kids eating there ever), the fact that ants avoid the fries didn’t bother me too much either. It’s the craving that bothers me, I don’t like being addicted to anything cept for Milo. It’s the reason I didn’t ever do drugs and didn’t bother much with smoking either, I don’t like anything or anyone to control me (yes, I have issues). I really hope that I can keep this up and we never step foot into McDonalds ever again and not even for breakfast, gasp. It’s not going to be easy, people will always say that what’s wrong with you, it’s a treat, don’t be crazy, every kid needs some McDonalds and I do love the fries IN THEIR ice cream, yums. McDonalds is EVERYWHERE and so easy to get to for a nice little treat, ARGH.



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