The Fat Fight

There are days where I’m like whatever, gimme that cake, that fried chicken and that coke, oh yum. Usually I try and keep to a 1200 cal diet, this is the least I’ve had to eat ever, if I exercise it helps especially if I over eat. I had a bit of a breakdown on Saturday looking at myself at 26, in a bikini, I know I thought I was a lil chubby, especially in the tummy area which was always an issue but man,,,, I loved my strong legs, my straight shoulders, my arms, my big C shaped butt. Those are the reasons why I exercise.

The problem is FOOD. I hate diets but it’s a necessary evil, it doesn’t help that I’m trying to be healthy at the same time. It’s been pretty okay so far. I lost 3 kg and am finally lighter than I am when I first gave birth to Jordan. Yup, I gained weight after, not lost weight breastfeeding, go figure. I would like to lose at least 2 more kg by the end of the month and more after of course. I’ve been trying to exercise 2 times a day. It’s been tough I tell ya.I refuse to be this chubby at Jordan’s 3rd birthday!



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