We Aren’t So Good With Chinese

I knew it was gonna be an uphill task, my mandarin is pitiful and the hubs is like one step higher… at least he passed. Then people ask why not let the kids take Malay… erm, because my Malay is even worse to non-existent?

We’ve been trying, we revise with Rylen a day or two before her mandarin class so that she doesn’t go to school clueless but OMG it’s really hard, like I can’t believe they are teaching that standard in N2, I mean really?! I have to go online or call friends to help me! It’s so not funny and really a little daunting and even though she actually reads better in Mandarin than English, she’s not enjoying Mandarin. I really wanted her to enjoy it, because I did till I was 10. Next year Jordan enters Berries and I’m gonna try and get both of them to start with the foundation and hopefully Ry will enjoy it more. That being said, her Mandarin teacher at her PCF school says she’s keeping up and understands when she’s spoken to, oh well.

Perhaps I’ll send her to some Speech and Drama Mandarin thing in June next year, anyone sent their kid before? I need to make Mandarin fun…


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