Funny Kids

My kids are funny and they know it. Perhaps because I was not around children much in general and tend to avoid children in the past like the plague, I had no idea that kids want to be funny and like it when you laugh with them.

Rylen does funny voices and tells strange stories which make us laugh and when we laugh she throws her head back and has this hearty laugh that … I don’t know makes me feel like I’ve been a good mother, my husband a good provider and that we’ve done something right, you know what I mean? Then Jordan, she can be so grumpy, give her a fruit and enough sleep and she goes a lil mad. Her laugh makes me laugh and always has since she was a baby, she’s been taught opposites and oh the hilarity! R went to pick her up from my Mom’s and asked her to hurry up… she looked and him and on purpose walked really slowly and a funny walk too… which of course makes anyone lah.

Sigh, funny kids growing up to fast!


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