Losing it

It’s been pretty tough for me to lose the weight, I am now finally lighter than when I just gave birth to Jordan, seriously. It’s been really tough to drop the 2 to 3kg and keep it off. It’s ridiculous, I never thought it would be this hardcore! I mean I’ve had to really watch what I eat and that’s the hardest bit because I LOVE CARBS and FRIED ANYTHING. But seriously, lets not kid ourselves, I can’t do a fancy diet, no carbs = a really grumpy me and that won’t work with kids around. I’m also trying to eat a little better you know balanced meals with veggie etc etc, so many things to think about! I just bought a meal replacement so that on the days that I just give up and have no idea what to eat, I’ll drink.

I’m also trying to exercise twice a day. Usually it’s a 20 min walk in the morning or a 2.4km run and then session of Julian Michael’s 30 Day Shred,  I do Level 1 if I’ve done a run or gone to the gym and I’ve started L2. It’s been awhile and I’m still stuck at level 2, ahahaha, 25 mins and my shorts are wet, sweat is dripping off my face and my abs hurt. I love exercise videos because when you’re busy and the idea of a train ride and then getting into gear and blah blah blah, I mean I rather spend time with my kids. So this is good, still you need weights, mat, shoes (I tried without shoes so my floor stays clean and I hurt my ankles, oops. I also use knee guards cos my knees are rubbish). Anyway, I love her and her annoying attitude. Try it.

Some days, like yesterday, I just didn’t do anything, I was just tired from running errands during lunch (a form of exercise perhaps), I had the meal replacement drink at dinner, I know I had enough protein, veg, carbs and fiber during the day, I really wanted to do Level 2, but I was just not feeling it. So I chilled with E! and felt so good.

Today it’s gym for sure!


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