My Darling Axl

One of my bitches aka good as heck friends (I call them Ma Bitches) is getting married and I was super pumped bout her wedding in Thailand and now I’m like meh. Sickening isn’t it?

I think it’s because Axl scratched his eye and it’s still not healed yet and we’re going to the specialist this Saturday (3rd vet visit) and looking at his eye, I doubt it’ll be good news. He’ll either have to use a contact bandage or go for surgery (which I’m trying to avoid cos he just had a baby tooth removed a few months back and I don’t want him to go under any time soon). It’s just worrying, especially since my proper helper is also away on home leave and with only my other helper left behind – she good for feeding them, walks and a bath but even then I make sure I bathe them at least once a month to give them a proper scrub, I worry she just won’t bother to do it right. My poor baby boy. Dude also has to be in a cone and all the time so that Stomper doesn’t play rough and scratch him by accident.

I did go for a longer walk with him this AM, I think he really appreciated it and he’s also been allowed to sleep on the bed ALL NIGHT and I think I have to make additional liver treats while I’m away because perhaps the harder treats are difficult for him to chew on with his cone. Spoilt lil dog.

I really hope he’ll be okay when we’re away 😦



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