Jordan’s Turning 3

I’ve been a lil busy… we got rid of my second maid, her main duties were the dogs and washing the plates and the floor… she had it pretty easy and she was lazy but she helped my main helper stay sane and helped us out a LOT when Axl injured his eye and we went on holiday for a bestie’s wedding. She asked to go home a little earlier than we had planned but it saved me from feeling bad and it helps our bank account, seriously 2 maids isn’t cheap, but there’s no price for peace of mind.

Anyways, it means that we all have to chip in. The kids need to tidy up after they play and Rylen is much better at this since she’s neater by nature, she also helps to fold the clothes and washes her cup. I have to bring down the dogs every single AM, no more snoozing and even if my knees hurt, I need to bring the dogs down for their last pee break for the night plus they have some serious rash that a lot of dogs seem to be having – the itches… it equals lotsa showers and nightly creams which just adds to the TO DO LIST.

Anyway, it’s been a learning curve and plus with work, I’ve been a lil more tired than usual. So everything regarding Jordan’s party is late. If I didn’t already buy the party things online I might just not bother and go for a staycation instead, argh. But that is the plan for Ry’s birthday.

My pretty little scrumptious is turning 3 and I kinda wanna cry


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