Bad Momma

Jordan’s birthday is this Sunday and we’re celebrating it this Saturday and I haven’t sent out a SINGLE invite, cept for Wendy who I happened to see at my office on Saturday and I had an invite on my desk. Major fail. I think this will be the last birthday party till Ry’s 6th. I told Rylen, we’ll go to some nice hotel, chill by the pool and order lotsa ice cream and pizza and she was soooo excited, why didn’t I do the same for Jordan…. why why why…won’t I ever learn.




One thought on “Bad Momma

  1. We’re celebrating our son’s 4th this Sunday as well!
    Booked a night at Rasa Sentosa as a surprise, so they can spend the whole day at the pool with room service.
    Minimum stress for me, maximum enjoyment and splurge for the kids. Win-win 🙂
    ^ though, he is beginning to register the value of having a “party”, so I think this is the last year we’ll get away with a quiet celebration…

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