Dear Jordan

Dear Jordan,

I used to type these out often and well… life pretty much got in the way.

You and your sister are so different it amazes me, the thing that you both have in common is that when I get all upset because both of you are growing up you two get upset as well. The difference is that Ry will cry when I get all sad and you, well, you hit me! ahahaha.

There’s not much I’d give you for your hugs and because you’re still a bit on the small side I can still scoop you up in a hug and major cuddle. I get to do that almost every night and I LOVE IT. You’re a bit of a manipulator and drama queen but when you pull your mouth I can’t help but wanna laugh because it’s just too cute and no, I’ll only give in sometimes.

You and you sister fight but every night you two will end up on the same bed, she strokes your hair to help you sleep even when she’s tired and her arm hurts from being over the bar on your bed. She loves you soooooo much and will do a lot for you, so always remember that. Blood is thicker than water and you two need to always have each others back… ALWAYS, no boys, no vanity, no ego, no drama should ever come between you two.



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