80, 20

You know they say that losing weight is 80% food and 20% exercise. I feel like I should really just give up. I don’t like diets, I like love carbs, I frankly can’t be bothered with protein nor veggies, gimme, fruits and carbs and I’d be very happy. But I’m not an idiot, I try and get a balance diet with lotsa treats… now the treats are a no no. Sigh. I lost a good 3kg in Dec and then holidays and Christmas came and OMG I put it all back on by Chinese New Year. I need to buckle down but I haven’t had a good start. I only had my juice this AM and was feeling so sorry for myself, I forgot I was suppose to have my shake for lunch and got bian mian which wasn’t very good so I had half of it and then had those peanut balls with soy, oh yum. Okay, lets see if I can just keep to my beef and salad tonight.



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