My Girls, I Love Them So

Every time I think I can’t possibly love my children more than I already do, I fall in love all over again. Last weekend, we look one of the wheels off Ry’s bicycle, we are hoping to upgrade her to a new 2 wheeler by her 5th birthday cos she’s nearly outgrown her old one. So she fell a few times, and then there was a harder fall, and she was a lil shocked and untangled herself and just stood there. Jordan cycled to her, asked if she was okay in her darling little voice “Jie Jie, you okay?” and then proceed to pick up her bike for her Jie JIe and peddled along. My heart, it swelled with pride and love.

Then there’s Rylen the quintessential older sister. She annoys, pushes, rushes for the biggest piece and holds things up where Jordan can’t reach. But she is also the best big sister I’ve know. I mean look, ALL big sisters are pretty awesome. I used to towel down my brother all afternoon cos he used to get such high fevers, I would protect them and standup for them but all this when I was older. When I was younger my brother C was a pain as far as I was concern, 6 years later when J was born, I kinda relished being an older sister, I finally got what it mean I guess.

Rylen got it a little sooner. She really is responsible and takes care of Jordan and extra care of her when asked. I’m usually astounded because there is really just 17 months between them. She comforts Jordan at night. Last night the husband went into their room, Jordan hates the rain and thunder, Rylen usually doesn’t mind. Jordan must have woken Ry up, she was sitting in Jordan’s bed, cos Jordan hadn’t made room in her little bitty bed, poor Rylen was sitting and falling over is how the husband saw her. Sigh. She really is the best big sister anyone could ever hope for.

I am mindful however that Rylen needs to be able to do her own thing, that she should be able to not have to bother about her sister all the time. My baby girls, I love and hate how they are growing up so fast.




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