And so it’s begun

I was wondering when I would get my first negative feedback about my children and I just did this weekend. Now I know most people will only blog and FB the good stuff and in general that makes regular people feel like 1. why aren’t I that fab? Why isn’t my life that fab? Why aren’t my kids that fab? 2. Is  there something wrong with me?

I’ve noticed and well…. life isn’t always roses but I guess blogging about good things make most of us happy.

I digress, basically Ry isn’t keeping up according to her teachers at her enrichment class. Now, sigh, I know I promised the husband I would not freak out about this and I want so badly to tell the teacher to you know what… just chill okay, I don’t expect her to get As for her mandarin ever but I don’t want them to leave her behind her either. I spend between 45 to 1 hour with her every week on her mandarin and the husband does the same for her English and it’s not enough. I tried to explain that we aren’t chinese and if we did try a day of only mandarin…. let’s just say that day would be a very quiet day… a very very very quiet day. I was torn between the roaring anger in my head and the absolute sadness that my child isn’t even 5 and she’s not(according to them) doing well enough (even when her mandarin skills is already better than mine was in primary 1). I actually cried on the way home cos I felt so helpless, I really don’t know how much more I can do… tuition on top of her enrichment classes? Madness.

Rylen, bless that child, I explained that we have to try a little harder with her mandarin, especially writing. So I started with the basics, 5 new words twice a week and then I’ll test her. So I went through with her 1 to 10 in both Mandarin & English and told her I’ll test her on Wednesday and I want her to be able to spell it and write 1 to 5, mandarin, spell it out. At 6.45am, I’m bringing the dogs home from their walk and she’s at the dining table on her own, practicing her chinese. I didn’t ask, she did it on her on. Sigh, so sweet she is.

Jordan on the other hand, I tried to wake her up at 7.10am and had to force her to wake up at 7.25am again to get to school. Joy.


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