Five for Friday

Let me introduce 5 for Friday. So I’ve been thinking of putting a list of things I want my kids to know especially when they get older or *knock on wood* something happens to me prematurely and I thought I’d share it.

1. Never use a rubber band to tie your hair EVER

2. Be a bitch but don’t be BITCHY (Bitches don’t take the bs, have standards, are a lil snarky but aren’t usually cruel unless the situation calls for it)

3. Eat your VEGETABLES. I pretty much only had salad type vegetables growing up and hated to eat cooked vegetables, I have no idea why. I knew that I wasn’t going to let that happen with my children. So both kids are pretty good with vegetables and that makes me soooo happy, you can’t believe how happy

4. Give to CHARITY. If you can’t volunteer your time then give a little every month, every year. I have a soft spot for animals especially dogs and cancer research, find a thing that touches your soul and feed it some dough

5. Laugh EVERYDAY. When my father died it was the worst day of my life thus far, I never felt that kind of pain before but I went home and both of you made me giggle and I know that deciding to have kids was the best decision I ever made


Till next Friday!



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