Stop the Judgement

So I’ve written about this before, sleep training. First of all, to each his own.

Ry was heavy and it wasn’t easy to carry her for an hour before she was asleep so we turned to sleep training and it was horrible and we were judge by in laws and just felt like shitty mean parents. But after 5 days, no more fuss. With J, we kinda did it seamlessly since we knew how and there was never much fuss at bed time, I’d breastfeed her, burp her, read them a book and then pop J into her cot in my room, kiss her and close the door. She’d ‘talk’ a bit and then sleep while I’d spend sometime with Ry and she’d sleep and then from 8.30pm onwards, I could spend time with my husband and the dogs. When they wake up at night, we ask what’s wrong, pee?, tuck them back in and leave the room and they usually know how to go back to sleep, if not we sit for up to 30 minutes  till they go back to sleep (thankfully that hardly happens). When they are sick we do let them bunk in with us for a 2 day period usually.

I am insanely in love with my kids but I also feel the same way about my husband and my dogs. So I do want and need that time from 8.30pm (now usually 9pm) to walk the dogs because they wait till the kids are asleep before whining for attention and then from 10pm onwards with the hubs and some days I just need some me time. I mean kudos to you if you can mesh everything up but it’s not so easy for me. I also need 5 to 6 hours of good sleep to function at work and as a mother.

So yes, I’m all for sleep training and if you’re not, that’s okay but don’t complain when you have no sleep, sex life etc you know you can go to another room right?

Please don’t judge me or my kids. They aren’t entitled, they are a little bit more independent but that’s how we’ve raised them, we give loads of time and hugs and cuddles and stories and cooking together etc so really, if I don’t judge you, then don’t judge me.


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