Five for Friday

1. Travel, I’m not talking about holidays here, I mean travel. Alone, with girlfriends, sisters only trip. Get out of your comfort zone, learn about how other people live, surround yourself in their world. It is in a word AWESOME.

2. Learn to Draw. No one said you need to draw well just learning is fun, art is fun. It can be so pretentious, don’t get sucked into it, just like what you like and it doesn’t have to be fantastic or the world’s version of fantastic it just has to be stuff that you like. I like slightly disturbing art and I LOVE sunsets and sunrise, especially in oil. I also learned that Rylen watching me colour and draw made her a lot more interested in colouring than before.

3. Wash fruit well.

4. Don’t use so much tooth paste, I mean a pea size really is enough.

5. Celebrate Birthdays, it’s the one day of the year or… week that you can force/ make yourself happy and not feel bad about it.


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