Jinxed It

So it seems that even thinking it = jinxing it. You know how when you say something out loud or blog about it or put it on Facebook…BAM… oops. An example: my baby has been sleeping through the night, happy dance. That very night and for the next 3 nights… the baby wakes up every hour. You know what I mean?

So, I was sick yesterday, my eyes are swollen, I’m sneezing every minute till my head hurts, I mean I finished a box of tissue at work! So I needed sleep. On the way home I was thinking how I need to get Jordan a new mattress, it’s been awhile since we’ve had a night time accident and like YAY no more land-filling diapers, finally?!  So sleep, I got in bed at 10pm and was out by 10.30pm. At 11.30pm my door opens and Jordan announces that she’s peed on her bed, argh. So my eyes feel all sandy, my head is heavy, my body is hurting. My helper is fast asleep (usually she’s still awake surfing at 11.30pm) and I realised she’s wet her bedsheets, her pee pad, the second bed sheet, the mattress protector, the mattress cover…. the bumper cover along the railing (which I just changed on Monday) I mean REALLY?????

So she slept together with Ry and thankfully she didn’t pee on Ry’s bed.

I still feel like I got run over.


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