Pre Primary 1

So Ry is heading to Primary 1. I kinda wanna cry. When I have time to breathe, I look at how tall and strong she’s gotten and my mind has problems comprehending!

We’ve been getting her and ourselves ready for her primary school journey. So I thought I’d share.

She’s had some issues reading because she’s good at remembering and has been getting by, we realised it at K1 but we didn’t really know how to solve this, we bought a book with some other method but it was tedious and we just didn’t have the time to put in the effort, we tried Peter and Jane, we tried spelling… and nothing was working so I gave in and we sent her to I CAN READ. It’s helped, I don’t totally agree with their method but it’s helping and she’s getting better and I’ve also restarted with those Peter & Jane books. At least I don’t reach for wine whenever I teach or read with her.

Telling time, she got it kinda… but I left it to my mom to teach her the time table. She knows her 2s and then her 5 and she can finally tell the time! She also earned some money doing chores around the house during the June holidays and I matched it so she got her own watch (which in less than a month has buttons falling off, $20 bucks doesn’t buy you a decent watch anymore).

We visited the school we’ve decided to send her too and I have a gauge on how much food cost and the choices. Sigh, lets say, for the first year (at least) we’ll be packing food for her and giving just enough money – $1 to buy a little something else. They still have loads of deep fried stuff, ‘juices’ with high sugar and Coco Crunch, argh. But those things cost more than a dollar so hopefully she’ll only get to buy it once a week. I’ve been collecting coins which I plan to wash and we’ll pretend play with real money and pretend food soon, should be fun. She’s also used to giving and getting back change from shops so she isn’t shy.

We’ve been asking her to pack her bag and pencil case, this has been a wee bit annoying cos her pencil case always goes missing and when we find it, all that’s left is the ruler and eraser. At least we still have some time.

I have to say that Rylen is an awesome kid, I am not a patient person, I would never be teacher material, I’m just not made that way. So I shout, I get frustrated and I send her away so that I don’t lose my temper. She always comes back to the table and tries. She always tells me she loves me. She always smiles, dances and laughs after, she’s always caring, leaves little pieces of art with I LOVE YOU MOMMY in my drawer when I work late. Argh, she’s such an awesome kid but deep down inside I know she’s like her Daddy and she’s sensitive and she might not show it but certain things make her very sad. Jordan and I are more alike – we are gonna be grumpy and you will know when we are annoyed but we’re like meh when it’s over. Rylen will remember and she remembers how those things made her feel.

I hope school doesn’t beat her down. I saw a glimpse of it, her spirit broke a little bit at her mandarin class at Berries and my heart broke I tell you, I was so annoyed and I had to tell them to ease up on her. We aren’t Chinese and we are doing the best we can and I want her to keep enjoying mandarin and not hate it as much as I did. I think saying to a 6 year old that she can’t go home cos she doesn’t know her pinyin is a bit of an asshole move. I hope her teacher next year is nicer.

So, we registered her today, 2C submission and it’s a bit nerve wrecking because it’s so late in the game but it’s a simple neighborhood school not crazy popular, I hope I’ve made the right decision. As much as I wanted to send her to my old school, I don’t like the travel time wasted, I rather them have enough sleep and close by.

Good luck to all the other 2009 Moms & Dad, babies are growing up.


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