Development – Jordan

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

0 Month – 3.65kg, 51 cm

1 Month – 4.6kg

2 Months – 5.4kg, 57cm

3 Months – 6.4kg

4 Months – 7.4kg

5 Months – 8kg, 66cm

6 Months – 7.9kg

8 Months – 8.2kg

9 Months – 8.5kg

10 Months – 8.8kg, 73cm

11 Months – 9kg

12 Months – 9.4kg, 75cm

17 Months – 9.8kg, 80cm

20 Months – 10.5kg

23 Months – 11.6kg, 89cm

32 Months – 12.6kg


2 thoughts on “Development – Jordan

  1. Hi! I was wondering when your baby was around 4 months at 7.4kg, was he overweight? My baby is now 4 months and he weighs 7.6. His height is 65cm. According to his pedia/doctor he’s overweight. However, if you lok at my baby he’s not really fat.

  2. Hi,

    Can can check the charts, might be in the 95% range :p She was mostly breastfeed and I had cut down on the junk food so nothing else I could do and now she’s on the 50% range so it all worked out.

    But yeah, you need to watch how much bad fat is going into your breastmilk too.

    Via iPhone

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