I decided to add this page because I realised when the little monsters get older they get fussy, this will help me remember plus if it helps another Mother – bonus points 🙂

15 mths – onwards

Fish Cutlets

You need:

– 1 large boiled potato mashed
– 1 small palm size piece of baked cod ( you can use any fish really, just watch for bones, I’d use salmon as well). I put the cod in the toaster oven for about 6 mins to bake.
– 2 cubes of pre- pureed sweet peas
– 1 cube of pre-pureed beets
– 1 egg white


Mix all, add a little milk if you wish (but it gets harder to make a cutlet). Heat pan with about a small teaspoon of olive oil, or if you have the spray, even better. Use two tablespoons to make a cutlet, dip into egg white, put on hot pan till a little brown then turn.

This was enough for Rylen’s dinner and lunch the next day.

Chicken Cutlets

You need:

– 50 g of chicken – minced or a piece and then cooked and chopped.
– 1 large boiled potato mashed
– 2 pre pureed cauliflower cubes (I’ll be steaming till soft and chopping up the cauliflowers next)
– 3 pre pureed carrot cubes
– a large pinch of grated chedder cheese (we were having pasta for dinner so this was on hand)
– egg white, beaten


Mix the cooked chicken, boiled potato, carrots, cauliflower and cheese into cutlets with large table spoons or if you can with you hands. Heat pan, teaspoon or spray of olive oil. Fry both sides till light brown.

Was enough for both her dinner and lunch and she loves it. Husband said it passed the taste test too (think it was the cheese)

Eggplant Goodness

You need:

– half a small eggplant, chopped up into bite size pieces, soaked in water for 5 mins. (I grilled mine but I don’t think it was necessary)
– organic tomato pasta sauce
– small handful of grated cheddar cheese


– Mix the eggplant and tomato pasta sauce together, put in a baking dish, sprinkle cheese and bake for 10 – 15 mins.  I made a batch for the husband and myself, we just added mushrooms and slices of eggplant and had that with baguette, yum.


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