So the husband is finishing a project and was working super late so I have to put Rylen to bed again, no worries right… BUT. First of all, she’s pooped 4 times and vomited once, I don’t know if it’s something she ate or she’s got some stomach virus, so I’m worried but she’s got no fever. Bath time was fun, getting her all moody and ready for bed not so much. Took her bottle, everything seemed okay. Put her in her cot and we go through the same thing every night, she’ll stand, do a lil dance, bite the rail guard, flop on the bed – repeat. BUT tonight, she decided to try and bite her cot and jump at the same time and…. sigh… crying, picked her up turned on the light, blood, oh crap, so much blood, got a towel put ice, then gave her some water, tried to ice it again pushes my hand away, I check her teeth all there she’s just cut her lip and she starts pouting :), she’s feeling sorry for herself I can tell and won’t sleep so we cuddle and she knocks out. It’s 8.45pm and ohmygawd, I’m starving.

The good thing is that she slept through the night but I’m still feeling so damn drained and tired. I need 8 hours of sleep I think… but that’s just not gonna happen this week :(.

2 thoughts on “OMG

  1. I don’t know what it is but Bubbles also has a charged up routine before bed every night! It is like they’re trying to expend all their energy before bed. Hope tonight will be better for you!

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